Welcome to Frontline Capital Partners, your Business Advisory Firm.


Welcome to Frontline Capital Partners


An M&A Advisory and Exit Strategy Planning Firm for the Middle Market



What do we do?


Frontline is an M&A Advisory and Exit Strategy Planning Firm for the Middle Market – focusing on companies with an Enterprise Value up to $100.0 MM.  We can and do work as both a sell-side and buy-side advisor as our client situations dictate.


Our Clients typically include Owners and Investors in Privately held enterprises, Private Equity Firms and Family Offices along with Senior Creditors and High Net Worth individuals.


We have expertise and proven experience across a broad range of business verticals including Information Technology, & Managed services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Transportation & Distribution, Mechanical Services and Construction Verticals.


We help clients understand and realize the true economic potential of their business opportunity and partner with owners/investors to execute enterprise transformation.


Whether our engagement involves the sale to a third party, Investment by a Venture Capital Firm or Private Equity Firm, Frontline can guide you through that process and leverage our extensive network of buyers, sellers and investors to your advantage.

Why use Frontline?


- Real World Experience - We have managed and closed a wide range of transactions for our Clients, bringing real world financial management and operating expertise in each of our core business verticals. Our Executives and Associates have extensive experience running organizations within the verticals we support, as well as significant M&A process management and acquisition integration experience.


- Confidential  & Discreet - Engaging Frontline guarantees you confidentiality and a process that never reveals your intentions to competitors, vendors or employees. Our Managing Partners and Industry Experienced Executives working directly with you to deliver the result you want. We are focused on delivering exceptional results to a select group of clients.


- Proven Processes - Our unique end-to-end engagement process  allows you to focus on running your business knowing that an agreed upon strategy, managed by professionals, is being executed by the team at Frontline.


- Partner With Clients - We involve our Clients in designing and executing a customized engagement process that emphasizes  transparency and communication to ensure that you remain 100% up to speed on our progress during the engagement. We partner with our clients through every step of the transaction.


- Efficient & Effective - A core strength at Frontline is our ability to identify and engage the right motivated & qualified transaction partners that meet your requirements and business goals, rather than waste time and resources on low probability interactions. We work to thoroughly understand your objectives before we reach out to the market place on your behalf. Our process enables us to deliver the desired solution from initial engagement through closing.

What's our Big Picture Process?


 - We guide you through each stage of what is a complex and demanding process. It is our role to distill that complexity into a road map that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.


 - We work on your timeline and we work to meet your goals - not ours or anyone else's. As experienced business owners ourselves, we know that your situation is unique and needs to be approached as such.


 - Every engagement is led by a Managing Partner of Frontline who is involved with you every step of the way. The Partners of our business are personally committed to your success and strive to become your personal advisor throughout the transaction.

What do we focus on?


There are many potential opportunities to explore when reviewing Business Strategy- growth through acquisition, recapitalization, bringing in additional funding, positioning the business to sell to the existing management team or finding the ideal buyer for the company, We can work through all the options and together with you,  determine what is the best path forward.


At Frontline we never lose sight of the one key driver to all of our discussions;


 - What do you want to achieve and how do we at Frontline help you to make that happen?




We are industry agnostic with a wide range of experience across multiple verticals including:


- Manufacturing & Industrial

- Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

- Managed Services & Technology

- Alternative Energy Services

- Mechanical Services

- Multi-Unit Franchisees

- Financial Services

- Professional Services

Meet The Team


Managing Partner

Jim Bryja

Managing Partner






Jim Bryja's responsibilities at Frontline Capital Partners include leading client engagements, delivering financial/operating advisory services and sourcing third-party investors for clients as C0-Managing Partner of Frontline Caital Partners' M&A Advisory business, His previous advisory and management experience includes Division President, CFO, COO and Vice President of Sales assignments over a 35 year career. Mr. Bryja has significant M&A experience including negotiating transactions, acquisition integration, business unit operation and management.


Mr. Bryja serves on the Board of Directors for several clients, and for companies where he has made personal investments, including Midtown Consulting Group (Atlanta, Ga.) and Commercial Interiors Manufacturing, Inc. (Jasper, Ga.).  He is also a Principal/Investor at Ensys Capital (Austin, TX) and previously served as the Chairman of the Board of the Georgia-Pacific Credit Corporation (Atlanta, Ga.).


Mr. Bryja began his career in Corporate Finance at Georgia-Pacific Corporation having various financial and marketing staff management assignments, and ultimately leading/managing a global sales team for a $400MM business unit, He has also held Executive Leadership positions at two private equity owned manufacturing companies - COO of Universal Fiber Systems LLC (Bristol, Va.) and VP of North American Sales & Marketing for Propex Fabrics, Inc.(Atlanta, Ga.)


Mr. Bryja  has had leadership experience in several professional service companies before joining Frontline Capital Partners, He was Vice President of Private Equity Solutions for Orion Technology Services, LLC (Atlanta, Ga.), a Partner and COO for Midtown Consulting Group (Atlanta, Ga.) and co-founded the Houston Office for The North Highland Company (Atlanta, Ga.).


 Mr. Bryja also served as President of Interra Food Marketing LLC, a division of Interra International LLC (Atlanta, Ga.), a food distribution and marketing company, where he was responsible for the North American market..


Mr. Bryja graduated from The University of Michigan with an MBA (Finance) in 1983 and has a BBA from The University of Georgia (Magna Cum Laude).

Senior Executive

Nick Barrow







As Senior Vice President of Business Development Nick Barrow is responsible for all business development and marketing activities at Frontline Capital Partners M&A Advisory Services.


Mr Barrow is an Internationally experienced Corporate Officer and Entrepreneur. He worked in the UK Financial Services Industry in Sales, Operations and Marketing roles prior to his entrepreneurial career where he grew and successfully exited an Electronics Company before transitioning to the US.


Mr Barrow was part of the ownership team who managed the operational growth and development of what was North Americas largest Printer Remanufacturer. Mr Barrow was also involved in the negotiation and sale process to a Toner Remanufacturing industry leader in 2014.


Resuming his M&A career in 2014 he has advised clients from the Transportation, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics & Distribution, Retail and IT Services Verticals.


Mr Barrow was born in Manchester, England and is an Alumni of Cranfield and Keele Universities and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Senior Operating Advisors

Norrie McKenzie






Norrie McKenzie has 35 years of professional experience in natural gas and electric markets, risk management, and renewable generation.


Norrie has established and led procurement and marketing teams, designed and implemented risk management programs, managed utility scale RFP’s, developed utility scale solar plants and established customer solar offerings for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Norrie has presented to numerous company boards, testified at the Georgia Public Service Commission, and presented to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Norrie’s career includes sixteen years of service at Southern Natural Gas and nineteen years at Southern Company, Southern Power Company, and Georgia Power Company.


A native of Fort Valley, Georgia, Norrie earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Matt Singley






Mr. Singley has a proven track record of building and growing successful technology companies and departments.  He is a well-rounded business and IT executive with extensive experience in managing, financing, operating, and advising technology systems.


Before joining Frontline Capital Partners Matthew built a thriving managed services business that exceled by putting client needs above all else. He is insistent upon building solutions and recommendations centered around each client’s specific needs, not our internal sales quotas with our partners. This dedication has led to Orion’s business development being largely funneled by referrals from clients whom appreciate the genuine nature of their services.


Matthew invested in bringing on highly-experienced architects and industry experts to be able to provide clients with Cloud Technologies as well as various professional service offerings, including: Disaster Recovery Planning, CIO Services, Project Management Office Operations, and more.


He was able to take this 5-man startup to a nationally recognized firm, creating more than 60 new jobs. Under Matthew’s leadership, his was named the 260th fastest growing private firm in America by the 2016 Inc. 500, with a three-year sales growth of 1,531%.



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